The best way to kill fleas on dogs instantly is by using a flea shampoo or an insecticide approved for use on pets. Flea shampoos are made with pesticide-based ingredients, such as pyrethrin, permethrin and sulfur, which work quickly to kill fleas on contact. Insecticides can provide an even longer-lasting solution when applied properly (follow label directions). Be sure to read the label to make sure it’s safe to use on your pet.

Other methods of killing fleas include vacuuming your home regularly, using a spray or dust insecticide in areas where pets sleep, and treating carpets and upholstery with a suitable flea powder or fogger. You should also bathe or groom your pet regularly using a flea comb or medicated shampoo/conditioner. These treatments can help reduce numbers of existing adult fleas but may not be able to completely eliminate them so you may require additional flea control measures such as preventive medications that contain chemicals such as selamectin (Revolution) or lufenuron (Program).

Final note

The best method for killing fleas on dogs is combination treatment, which includes both topical and oral products. Topical treatments can include shampoos orspot-on treatments while oral flea medications are used to eliminate the adult fleas and larvae in the environment. Home remedies such as salt, lemon juice, essential oils, and vinegar have been known to help repel fleas as well. it is important to consult a veterinarian before choosing any type of product for treating fleas on dogs as some products may be dangerous for pets.

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